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When my son was only 20 years old, he came home from his university for summer vacation. He found a job in a restaurant as a dishwasher and busboy. It was hard work, and he finished each day around 1 am and was home by about 2 am. We had a breakfast together almost every morning. I noticed one day that his face was getting pale, and I asked him if he was ok. He said he was just tired and unaccustomed to working late at night. But on a Sunday morning, just a week after he started the job, he was taking a shower before going to an early shift in the restaurant. After I heard a loud bump from the bathroom, I checked on him and found him on the floor looking completely white. I got him dressed and took him to the emergency room. As soon as the nurse took his pulse, she called the doctor on duty. The doctor ordered an immediate blood transfusion to make up for internal bleeding from an undetermined source.

The next day, the doctor found a 13 cm tumor in my son’s stomach, which he said must be removed, after which they could determine whether it was cancerous. While my son felt fine after the transfusion, it was 6 days before the operation could be performed. He was not allowed to eat anything but Jell-O, a very sparse diet for a 20-year old, and he was suffering greatly from hunger. It was after the surgery, though, that he really suffered. He was in a great deal of pain, for which they gave him morphine, which he took very frequently. One week after the surgery, he was discharged from the hospital. However, the tumor had proved to be cancerous. The next day, we went to see an oncologist, who prescribed an anti-cancer medication which, our on-line research showed, had many adverse side effects.

 About a year before these events, a friend of my wife’s had introduced us to hydrogen capsules, which seemed quite expensive. At that time, we were drinking Kangen water and were happy with it, so we said we didn’t need anything more. But she explained the beneficial effects of the hydrogen capsules anyway. She described the experience of a man in Tokyo, who had had 3/4 of his stomach removed due to cancer. He had received all kinds of cancer treatments and medications, but he experienced only very minor side effects. He visited his oncologist every 3 months for check-ups. Each time there were cancer patients in the waiting room, most of whom had no hair, pale and sick faces, and in some cases nausea, but he experienced none of those. He was taking hydrogen capsules every day. He still had all his hair and a pink and healthy complexion. 

Remembering this conversation, I called my wife’s friend and was able to get hydrogen capsules. My son started to take anti-cancer medications and hydrogen capsules together every day. He never had any of the usual side effects except that, one day, he forgot to take his hydrogen capsule. He was sick all day until he came home and took his hydrogen capsules. From that day on, he never failed to take his hydrogen capsules. After his surgery, he had regular check-ups with blood test, and a yearly complete check-up include a CT scan, until he was proclaimed cancer-free. 

My son now has a very high quality of life, without dietary or other limitations. When he was in Japan for 10 months for a student exchange program in Tokyo, I got an email from him saying that he and some friends were going to climb Mt. Fuji the next week. I asked him to wait while I checked with the hydrogen supplier, because Mt. Fuji is 3776m tall and the oxygen is very thin. I received a reply from the supplier, who takes hydrogen supplements himself. He enclosed a picture of himself on Mt. Fuji, which he had climbed without any problem. So I told my son to go ahead. He and his ten university friends made the climb. Five of them suffered from altitude sickness, but my son had no problem going up or down.

I am convinced that it was the hydrogen capsules that kept my son’s immune system strong throughout his recovery. He is now 27 years old and enjoying life, as do we. I do not want to think about what it would have been like if we had not been introduced to the hydrogen supplements, which we now take every day. We rarely catch cold or flu and, if we do, our recovery time is very short.

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