Benefits of Hydrogen

Aging doesn’t have to mean getting less out of life

The average human’s life expectancy has increased greatly over the past century. That’s great news – but how do we maintain the quality of our lives as we age? We don’t want to be limited by the aches, pains and frailties that for so long have been part of the aging process. We want to keep enjoying the things we did in our younger years – keeping the active, healthy “Spry Life” that we love.

We’ve identified a technology that harnesses the lightest element on earth, the fundamental source of energy and life on the planet. It’s the building block of the universe, the primordial substance from which all other elements were eventually formed.

It’s none other than Hydrogen, and it holds the key to turning advancing age into just a number.

Much of the consumer information available centers on hydrogen water. Water is available already infused with hydrogen, hydrogen tablets are available that dissolve in water, or expensive and cumbersome machines can infuse hydrogen into water. However, since hydrogen is so light, it escapes immediately, releasing much of its potency into the air before you are able to ingest it.

That’s why we have introduced Spry Life: molecular hydrogen encapsulated in pure Okinawan coral calcium. Some capsule brands use silica – basically sand. The coral calcium is able to harness the maximum amount of hydrogen and lock it into each capsule, only to be released when ingested.


The antioxidant benefits of hydrogen include:

  • Aging: slows aging and helps rejuvenate cells
  • Detoxification
  • Liver and kidney function
  • Improves metabolism
  • Dermatological benefits
  • Immune system functions
  • Improves allergy symptoms and respiratory health
  • Diabetes (improves lipid and glucose metabolism)
  • Cancer (battles oxidative stress and ROS)
  • Improves cardiovascular health (stroke and heart attack)